Depuis plus de 35 ans, Tim de Paravicini conçoit des amplifications à tubes. Pour beaucoup d'entre nous, il est bel et bien considéré comme 'Le Roi des Tubes' ou comme 'une légende vivante' qui à réussi à nous apporter une musicalité unique en s'appuyant sur une innovation constante. Son travail est depuis longtemps reconnu et force le respect. Si bien que l'on ne compte plus le nombre de ces électroniques récompensées ou plébiscitées à travers le Monde.

movers and shakers - Tim de PARAVICINI

often makes the audio news front page

Bio - Tim starting work in custom designed products for rock and roll bands from as early as 1965, where he gained direct experience to the audio world. He spent time his early adult life developing, modifying and repairing existing studio equipment and audio products. Some of that time was spent in South Africa before having an opportunity to work in Japan for Lux Corporation in 1972. During his time at the Osaka based brand, Tim developed C1000/M6000 pre/power amp combination as well as the 3045 valve mono block with a custom output valve the 8045 power tube.

Along the way, he has picked up a few awards including a Grammy for sound quality and has been highly recognised by the audio community for his work in the audio industry.

Passion - Tim, despite his vast experience, still loves being active and hands-on. Splitting his time between developing studio equipment and working on the next consumer product. Any remaining downtime, you will find him tinkering or repairing anything mechanical or electrical. From Cars to Radios. Where possible, Tim enjoys contributing to the audio community and has consulted on designs for other brands such Quad, Alchemist, Musical Fidelity and Unity Audio