In conclusion, other solid state phono stages I've used sound more or less hi-fi when one pushes the volume upward or the music contains hard-to-track crescendos. Not the E.A.R. What I used to believe was mistracking isn't.

I could not cause this audio jewel to lose its iron-fisted control and stability at any volume, and believe me I tried! Nor does it sound the slightest bit ripe or artificially warm, or exhibit any dulling of transient attack, as many tube phono stages do.

The E.A.R. 324 phono stage gives you the musical truth, the whole musical truth, and nothing but the musical truth. This beautifully crafted and extraordinary phono stage is Class A all the way. It has my highest recommendation. Robert H. Levi - Positive Feedback



Specifications EAR Yoshino 324 I

banc d'essai / récompense / recommandé I

i n p u t s 1 x MM + MC / 1 x MM
o u t p u t s 1 x pair RCA / 1 x pair XLR
g a i n 52 dB MM / 72 dB MC
i n p u t  i m p e d a n c e MC 4, 15 or 40 ohms - selectable
o u t p u t   i m p e d a n c e 60 ohms
w e i g h t 6 Kgs
f i n i s h (main chassis - black) aluminium facade
d i m e n s i o n s 320 X 270 X 100  ( w x d x h ) mm