The 834L preamplifier is the baby of the EAR Yoshino range. But don't let that fool you, the 834L is a very capable machine that puts many units costing several times more to shame.

If you are looking for a line only preamplifier that won't break the bank, but will perform, this is it.

“Continuousness; hop-to-it dynamics in the midbass; grainlessness; and a fine representation of image dimensionality. The soundstage and the vital middle frequencies…. These are the kind of audio toys you can (and will) fall in love with because they are just so got-rocks musical.”



Specifications EAR Yoshino 834 L I

banc d'essai / récompense / recommandé I

i n p u t s 5 plus tape
t u b e s ECC82 x 2 / ECC83 x 1
o u t p u t s 2 pairs line RCA
i n p u t  s e n s i t i v i t y 200 mV
o u t p u t   m a x 30 V
w e i g h t 4 Kgs
f i n i s h (main chassis - black) chrome with gold or silver buttons
d i m e n s i o n s 310 X 250 X 110  ( w x d x h ) mm