After 10 years in virtual obscurity, the E.A.R. HP 4 Headphone Amp is now a big-time phenomenon.

With conventional headphones approaching the $2000 price point, this high-end E.A.R. masterpiece makes real sense. A sonic leap over the most extravagant competition known to me or my audiophile friends and associates, the E.A.R. is the best of the bestfor maxing your cans with any source.

The HP 4 is a recording engineer's must own. It is the first headphone amp to embarrass and out-perform electrostatic phones, with top notch conventional cans sounding better. The HP 4 cannot be ignored or surpassed. To hear the E.A.R. HP 4 is to own it. I bought the review sample. It is the state of the art.

TEST CONCLUSION - Positive Feedback magazine


Specifications EAR Yoshino 869 I

banc d'essai / récompense / recommandé I

i n p u t s RCA and XLR
t u b e s 6SL7 x 4
o u t p u t 1 W
o u t p u t  s 2 (high impedance / low impedance)
w e i g h t 6 Kgs
f i n i s h (main chassis - black) chrome with gold or silver buttons
d i m e n s i o n s 310 X 250 X 110  ( w x d x h ) mm