Just a few minutes browsing the internet, will quickly give you an appreciation of how highly regarded the Michell GyroDec is. Reviewed the world over by respected journalists, who all agree that the GyroDec is the best in class.

Available in different finishes and with a choice of tonearms and accessories to suit your taste and budget. The GyroDec is undeniably, one of the most complete turntables available, and has been for many years.

The GyroDec / Gyro SE is also the most famous and iconic turntable from Michell. The GyroDec is quite a celebrity, featuring in the movies, LOOPER and 2001 Space Oddity. It was also the choice of the late Apple boss, Steve Jobs.

With such a reputation and pedigree, combined with fantastic quality and performance, the GyroDec is the Maestro.








single acrylic chassis, aluminium suspended sub-chassis with stabilised operation and internally isolated suspension turrets

impedance matched acrylic/vinyl platter with brass weights for high inertia

oil pumping inverted bearing

custom arm-board to suit most tonearms

high quality stand-alone low noise DC motor

FINISHES - black or silver (alu)

clear acrylic plinth + aluminium metal

black acrylic plinth + black metal

gold platter weights

Dimensions LxPxH - 49 X 37.5 X 13.5

Weight 10 kgs


GYRODEC - + items

Acrylic plinth and integrated dust cover

record clamp

Dimensions - LxPxH - 53 X 41 X 19 cms

Weight 14 kgs


HR power supply upgrade



GyroDec + Gyro SE



Orbe style platter kit


Iso Base


Dust Cover


Extra arm plate




Record clamp (Gyro SE)







OEM Rega 303


Michell TecnoArm




SME Tonearms


+ many others of your choice...