The TecnoDec is the entry level turntable from Michell. Entry level from Michell however, already offers us a high quality build and finish and an unmatched  musical performance at this price point. A choice of several tonearms and other accessories are available. The TecnoDec is very simple to use and can be set up in just a few minutes.

Main features include a 'low noise' stand alone high quality DC motor, a precision made, impedance matched platter and an elegant solid plinth with special damped feet. No user maintenance is required for the TecnoDec





Solid-plinth turntable with stand-alone low noise DC motor


Acrylic/vinyl platter, impedance matched to the record


Oil pumping inverted bearing


Arm board for Rega compatible arms


Black acrylic / metal finish



HR Power Supply




Record Clamp


Dust Cover (uni cover)







OEM Rega 202



OEM Rega 303



Michell TecnoArm