Once more, Leben present us with a masterpiece of musicality and craftmanship.

The RS-28CX is a full function preamplifier which includes five line inputs plus a high quality phono stage.

The external, separate box, power supply ensures that all of the delicate signal paths and phono circuits are shielded from any possible power supply interferances.

Build quality and finish are of course to the usual faultless Leben standard. When we say "Leben amplifiers are hand made" we really mean it. Every single screw and component carefully assembled by experienced and passionate technicians in Japan.

With the RS-28CX, the listening experience is unique.



Specifications Leben RS-28CXI

banc d'essai / récompense / recommandé I

i n p u t s 4 plus tape monitor + phono MM
t u b e s 2 x 6CG7 2 x 12AT7 1 x 5Y3WGT
l i n e s t a g e   g a i n 25.2 dB
p h o n o s t a g e   g a i n 20.2 dB 
o u t p u t   i m p e d a n c e 580 ohms
p o w e r   c o n s u m p t i o n 43 W
w e i g h t - main / power supply 7Kgs / 6.5 Kgs
d i m e n s i o n s - main body 340 X 235 X 140 ( w x d x h ) mm
d i m e n s i o n s - power supply 220 X 235 X 140 ( w x d x h ) mm