Z Y X   V R T - 1 2  turntable mat


The ZYX VRT 12 turntable mat has been constructed by using two optimum materials.

As shown in the diagram, the upper surface is made of a special rubber compound that eliminates the entire frequency band of audio noise. There are 24 radially spaced strips which support the record uniformly over the whole surface. The 24 rubber strips are 0.6mm thick and they instantly remove any noise / vibration whilst keeping the record in a very stable position.

The lower surface is a hard plastic disc, 30cm in diameter and 2mm thick. We found that 2mm is the optimum thickness to suppress all types of frictional vibrations which are generated by the turntable rotary drive system. These frictional vibrations are absorbed by the elasticity of plastic materials because they have a pulsed high frequency nature despite their weaknesses.

The VRT is the world’s first two-layer turntable mat. As all of the vibrations are removed by the VNR system, the audio signal on the record can be played back with total stability and accuracy. The result is a new listening experience which has fluidity, dynamics and details that were previously masked by unwanted vibrations. You will be able to experience the true quality of your analog records for the first time.



Z Y X   T I C - 1 2  Anti Skating Checker


Check and set your anti-skating setting to optimise the performance of your turntable, arm and cartridge.

Easy to use, highest quality and setting can be done in just a few minutes.

Another superb product from Z Y X



Z Y X   'Live 18' Headshell and Headshell 'RING'


LIVE 18 HEADSHELL - Faible masse (12 g)

Haute rigidité à structure non résonante 18 couches pour annuler les vibrations longitudinales

Conducteur de grande pureté

Pins à doublement encastrés

Disponible en deux finitions : noire ou argent

ZYX Ring - ensures a perfect non resonant fit of headshell to the tonearm