R50 Bloom  mono EX

R100  mono EX

Airy  mono EX             





Z Y X   s é r i e   M O N O EX   s p e c i f i c a t i o n s



BLOOM / R100 / AIRY 3

Monaural Moving Coil (Dynamic)
cryogenic treatment -196°C
Output Voltage 1.0mV (5cm/sec, 1kHz)
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 25 kHz
Recommended Tracking Force      2.5gm 〔 20 ゜C-25 ゜C 〕
Tracking Force Range 2.0gm - 3.5gm
Trackablity > 60μm
EQ Compliance horizontal
Internal Impedance 10 ΩHM
Load Impedance > 100 ΩHM
Coil Wire 6N crystal copper  φ0.035mm
Cantilever Material black ALM g5 tube φ0.45/ φ0.30mm
Stylus Spherical Solid Diamond □ 0.1mm
Contact Radius, Life Time 1.0 mil, 1000Hour/2.5gm
Output Terminals φ1.25mm gold plated 〔 EIA 〕
Dimensions W x L x H mm 16.2 x 19.7 x 17.6
Net Weight

5.0gm(tin base + 2.7g - silver base + 4.2g)

Many of us have a large collection of vinyl records, some, or many of which are mono recordings. These mono recordings are often excellent. However, we cannot realise the full potential of the sound on offer unless we use a monophonique cartridge for playback.

ZYX monophonique cartridges are TRUE mono cartridges. The sound of the mono records when using these cartridges is sensational. You would not believe the improvement in pure sound and musicality.

If you treasure your mono vinyl recordings, invest in a ZYX monophonique cellule.