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In their relatively short history, Way cables have already become very highly respected by reviewers and customers alike - all agree that Way cables bring a clear musical advantage.


WAY - Multi award winning cables

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"Compared to any other cable I have heard in my system the Way cables

are definitely the best I have come across and offer real value for money."














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A Philosophy of uncompromising product quality and commitment to fair market values are the foundation of WAY Cables

WAY cables are truly High-End audio products, created by exploiting the limits of skilled manual production, far superior to factory mass production quality standards.

The making of WAY cables requires long-lasting and complex processes, special skills, dedication and knowledge. To illustrate this point, we will mention that two artisans need two days to produce one set of speaker cables, while another two are involved in the finishing.

Manufacturing capacities are limited and WAY cables are exclusive and unique products on the global High-End audio market.

To create WAY cables, we use 4N Pure Silver soft solid-core conductors with minimum 99.99% purity and more or equal to 106% conductivity. These conductors are produced and certified in the United Kingdom. In addition to their technical superiority over other metals, our silver wires also bring fantastic results from audio electronics.

In the manual process of making WAY cables, each Pure Silver conductor is separately insulated with thick high-density woven Pure Cotton, specially made to our specification. The outer sheath of WAY cables is also made from cotton; here are the reasons why we use it -

All materials have a Dielectric constant (k) relative to the Vacuum and Air 1.0k, as ideal conductor isolation and basic parameter for determining the permittivity. Pure Cotton has 1.3k, which is the closest to the dielectric properties of a Vacuum and of Air and almost two-times better permittivity than Teflon or other plastic materials that are most commonly used for making audio cables. Moreover, Pure Cotton has the best influence on the sound, as natural and as organic as its origin.

Over the years of continuous research to create exceptional audio cables, we developed our Unique damping system™ from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI/EMF interferences. This design allows WAY cables to be very flexible, durable and user-friendly for handling.

WAY cables have the world’s best connectors that are in full synergy to our uncompromising production approach, from their material quality and engineering, to sound features. For soldering, we use lead-free wire with a high percentage of silver.

All of these elements contribute to giving Way cables a detailed and dynamic presentation. A deep, wide, balanced 3D sound throughout the entire spectrum. High frequencies are smooth with no sign of aggression or distortion.

Every WAY cable has serial number and is packaged in a handmade wooden box containing natural wool. There is also a printed brochure with detailed specifications and the author’s signature.

WAY cables are designed and completely handmade in Belgrade, Serbia.


You will enjoy music even more once you release all of the hidden potential of your audio system, which is exactly what WAY cables aim to do.

All of the music that we love to listen to is, in fact, electric current and signals, which audio electronics deliver through cables as music, thanks to analogue or digital recordings.

A cables’ function is to connect the audio system to electric power, and then to enable the transmission of signals between each of the components (CD player, amplifier etc.).

Unfortunately, audio electronics are most often wired and connected by cables, conductors and plugs, which constitute “bottlenecks” in signal transfer which degrade sound definition.

Even if we have an outstanding and expensive audio system to listen to our recordings, the overall result will be dramatically poorer if we do not use cables that allow the electronics to show their maximum capabilities.

Also, if we have cables with the best wires in inadequate insulation and with bad connectors, we will not reveal full possibilities of the audio equipment. This is because the dielectric materials as well as the plugs, determine the final sound character of the cables.

Finally, superior conductors protected by perfect dielectric material will provide ultimate sound results only if the cable is designed in the appropriate configuration and if it has excellent plugs.

Everything else is the task of audio electronics.

Hence, WAY Cables design solutions are not based on mystical theories but fundamental laws of science, long-term research and our findings regarding which materials have the best properties and at the same time, the best possible influence on the sound.