MC TRANSFORMER - model 411 type II

The Model 411 II is a mono-functional stereo MC transformer to match with MC cartridges with internal impedance (DCR) of less than 15 ohm. The impedance tolerance is 25 ohms. The transformer is a toroidal design that applies the toroidal winding to 0.05mm thickness of supermalloy, layered ring-core. The core volume has an external diameter of 25mm, internal diameter of 16mm and height of 10mm. The termination of the wire is directly connected to the input/output terminals. Therefore, the high efficiency of the toroidal transformer has an extremely low loss structure. It delivers the signal from the cartridge without coloration to the phono terminal directly. Model 411type II is a modified version of the Model 411 and it has 32dB of gain.




HEADSHELL - model 1011 and 1011 L (light)

The Model 1011 series head-shell uses choice aluminum (6063) that has high degree of internal loss and less ringing. It is a separated, finger hook type. The finger hook provides M2.6 x 2 screw holes and 2 through holes for of total 4 installation holes. It has a threaded screw hole that allows you to utilize various cartridges without the need for a nut. It includes 6 kinds screw of M2.6 x 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 with M2.6 nuts. The weight of 1011 is 11 gram and 1011L is 9.3 gram (with shell lead and finger hook).