Leben CS600X

Stereosound Japan


Michelangelo / Northern German Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra's "Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 25" was overwhelming.

The piano still shows the best sound in the world and a good sense of construction, but it gives vitality to live recordings that are by no means perfect. In addition to the accompaniment orchestra, a shadow supporter called Hall is also called in, and he is surprised by the mature feeling of the friendly, extraordinary, solemn and elegant sound.

Even "Hary Janos" conducted by Kertez has a sharp peak on a large scale, and it has a wide range of expressions such as Napoleon's magnificent false rush and saxophone's mourning.

The sharpness of big band jazz and combo jazz, and the feeling of brass are also good.

In this way, regardless of the genre, if there is even a small amount of indirect sound component or overtone component, it is skillful to make it expressive so that it beckons the actual sound.